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Case Study

Taper Milling Manufacturing Process

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The Challenge

Reducing Manufacturing Process Steps and Reducing Cost Per Component
The manufacturing process involved multiple steps to achieve the required hole depth and inner diameter. The hole also required internal thread as per ISO 9001 standards. The current process in had multiple manufacturing steps. Various drill sizes were required to drill the hole depth using VMC or Vertical Drill. The next process was to use tap bit for obtaining the required thread.
As per pareto analysis and time study analysis following observation were made:
1. Manufacturing cost per component demonstrated in an increasing trend.
2. High cycle time per process.
3. Low tooling life.
4. Downtime due to tool fracture.
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The Solution

It was assessed that changing from traditional step-drilling process to taper drilling process using taper drill would prove a better outcome. Taper drilling process was implemented to achieve the hole diameter and depth. This resulted in increased tool life and reduced cycle time and was followed by Tap-drill for internal threads.
The overall process efficiency was increased with reduced cost per component, reduced cycle time for drilling process, increased tooling life and no downtime was observed due to tool failure.